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Our Partners

The Mercer Country Soil Conservation District (MCSCD) relies on collaboration with our many partners to achieve our mission. Districts represent experience and knowledge of the local resources and partner with federal, state and local entities to deliver state and federal conservation programs related to water quality practices, farmland protection, wetlands restoration and wildlife habitat enhancement.

Agencies and Organizations Assisting the District

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) working through a cooperative working agreement with local soil conservation districts, is the agency responsible for conservation of natural resources on private land. NRCS provides technical assistance to landowners using voluntary programs.

Farm Service Agency (FSA)
Through the current cost-share program shares with land users the cost of applying certain soil and water conservation measures. FSA county committee accepts applications for cost sharing and issue payments after conservation practices have been satisfactorily applied. The FSA Farm Loan Team provides long term financing.

North Dakota Association of Conservation District (NDASCD)
The mission of the North Dakota Association of Soil Conservation Districts is to disseminate information and promote cooperation between soil conservation districts; cooperate with state and federal agencies; promote the welfare of soil conservation districts; promote the conservation of soil and water resources; and assume active leadership in promoting conservation education in the state.

North Dakota Conservation District Employees Association (NDCDEA)
The NDCDEA is an association of the employees within the North Dakota Soil Conservation District. The organization's primary goal is to provide employees with education and training within their occupations. The SCD employees are a very diverse group consisting of District Managers, Clerks, Tree Technicians, Watershed Coordinators, and Education Coordinators.

NDSU Extension Service
County extension offices serve as the local access point to the resources of NDSU and the cooperative extension system. County extension staff work with local groups to identifying educational needs and develop and implement programs to address those needs. The NDSU Extension Service works closely with soil conservation districts on addressing conservation issues. A close coordination between the district board of supervisors and extension agents in the area of natural resource education has always been encouraged. This coordination was enhanced by the 1997 North Dakota Legislature. It provides for the NDSU Extension Service to assist the NDSSCC in performing the Committee's duties, within the limits of legislative appropriation. This encourages an even closer working relationship between extension agents and soil conservation districts when addressing conservation issues.

North Dakota State Soil Conservation Committee
The North Dakota State Soil Conservation Committee (SSCC) was created by the 1937 Legislative Assembly and is maintained as a state agency. The SSCC assists with administrative matters and provides program planning assistance to the soil conservation districts in the state.

North Dakota Department of Health
The North Dakota Department of Health (NDDH) is the lead state water quality agency. Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Program Section 319 of the 1987 Clean Water Act included the Nonpoint Source (NPS) pollution program. The NDDH is responsible for administration and implementation of the program. The Section 319 Funds available through the state's NPS program are primarily used for state and/or local projects which promote voluntary reduction or control of NPS pollution. The funding is available on a competitive grant application process and applications are due to the NDDH by September 1 of each year. Funding is on a 60:40 federal/local/state match basis, respectively.

North Dakota Forest Service
The NDSU-North Dakota Forest Service is the primary provider and administrator for technical, financial and educational forestry assistance in the state. The mission of the North Dakota Forest Service (NDFS) is to care for, protect and improve forest and related natural resources to enhance the quality of life for present and future generations.

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