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Achievement Winners

Conservation Achievement Winners

The Mercer County Soil Conservation District Achievement Awards Program has been recognizing individuals who have made outstanding efforts to conserve valuable natural resources on their land since 1953. Each year the district selects an individual or family who has demonstrated their ability to apply conservation practices to the land they own. Once selected, they receive a large aerial photograph of their farm and are honored for their accomplishments at the annual Ag Appreciation banquet.

2020/2021 Achievement Winner

2020-21 Achievement Winner

Gerald and Darlene Bauman

Gerald and Darlene Bauman have a long history in agriculture and conservation in Western Mercer County dating back to the early 1930s.

The Bauman’s have utilized numerous conservation practices and programs to improve their land including hay land planting, pipelines, cross fencing, and over 10 acres of tree plantings.
They credit going from traditional tillage to no-till and transitioning marginal crop land to hay and pastureland as the greatest achievement in improving the land within their operation.

Gerald has been a vital member of the conservation community serving as a Conservation District Supervisor for 31 years and being instrumental in starting the first Watershed Project in Mercer County.

Past Achievement Winners

2019 Robert & Marlene Schriefer
2018 Shawn & Shevelle Unruh
2017 Dean & Arlene Helling
2016 Scott & Annette Woroniecki
2015 Richard & Nancy Scheid
2014 Bryan & Kelly Aalund
2013 Warren & Jodi Woroniecki
2012 Gary & Judy Gierke
2011 Leland Erickson (Erickson Farms)
2010 Johnn & Tena Weinand
2009 Earl & Ann Wiedrich
2008 Jeff & Connie Ellwein
2007 Ron & Jackie Isaak
2006 Kellen & Lori Unruh
2005 Wayne & Kim Windhorst
2004 Loren & Delon Bauman
2003 Connie Ordahl
2002 Sharold Geist
2001 Coteau Properties
2000 Florian & Gladys Woroniecki
1999 Robert & Linda Ellwein
1998 Reinhold & Odella Hauff
1997 K. Duane Schwartz
1996 Gary Scheid
1995 Calvin Buechler
1994 Marvin Faut
1993 Don/Tim Miller
1992 John Flemmer
1991 Armin Hauser
1990 Willis Wiedrich
1989 James Erdman
1988 Armon Wolff & Sons
1987 Russell/Jess Thompson
1986 Martwin Herrmann
1985 Gilbert Knopp
1984 Willmar/John Richer
1983 Curt Brinkman

1982 Gerald/Duane Sebastian
1981 Walter Mittelsteadt
1980 Elmer/Eugene Sailer
1979 Godfred Pfennig
1978 Walter Isaak
1977 Arnold Richau
1976 Vic Walker & Sons
1975 Opp Hereford Ranch
1974 Frank Schmidt & Son 

1973 Ernest Braun
1972 Reuben Mittelsteadt
1970 Harold Reichenberg
1971 George Mattson
1969 Walter S. Miller
1968 Floyd Erickson
1967 Christ Knoell
1966 Tobias Wolf
1965 Duane/John Sebastian
1964 Ed Unruh
1963 Art Reinhardt
         Robert Weil
1962 Rudolph Hildebrand
         Helmuth Pfennig
1961 Herbert Hafner
         Ray Kruckenberg
1960 Eldor Miller
         Otmar Tschaekofske
1959 Harold J. Miller
         Nick Schwartz
1958 A. J. Dallman
         Albert Sommer
1957 Ernest Oster
         Eddie Reinhardt
1956 Ed Albers
         Adam Funk
1955 Roger Smith
         Ralph Murray
1954 Stanley/Oscar
         Jaeger H.A. Oster
1953 Edwin Goetz
         Frank Schwartz

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